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Hill's Pet Nutrition


My Role: 



Creative Director, Lead Designer, Design Strategy, UI design, Branding. 

Abstract, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Principle, Keynote. 

14 months

Why Me?

My team was asked to take on the branding, design, UX, UI and development of several key Hill's B-to-B properties. These included Hill's Vet Pro, Hill's To Home, Hill's Retail Order, and Hill's Quick Recommendation. 

I managed my creative team of Copywriters, Designers, and Art Directors, working in concert with our UX and Development departments to produce digital experiences to improve the global Hill's ecosystem. I did this by improving the user experience and creating a consistent, cohesive design system across all of Hill's new digital products.

Hill's Vet Pro

We were asked to create a new platform that catered specifically to vets and vet clinics. We started by gathering perspectives and insights to help us establish priorities and context for a potential solution. Then we held a "brainsteer" workshop where we explored possible experiences in education and ordering.

HillsProfessionalVision PDF2.jpg

From there we sorted our priorities for the app into the following: Consolidate into a single ordering platform, provide support from recommendation to sale, easy sign up and sign in, compliance assistance, ability to communicate to and from Hill's, unified account management, optimization for external channels, and provide a personalized experience. 

HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_44.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_45.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_46.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_47.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_48.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_49.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_50.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_51.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_52.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_53.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_55.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_59.jpg
HillsProfessionalVision PDF copy_Page_60.jpg
Hill's To Home

For the Hill's To Home site we were tasked with designing a new landing page and building out the shopping experience. 

Hill's Retail Order

For this project we needed to create a mobile first shopping experience. The task necessitated the design a new logo for which we suggested a new logo system that would encompass all future subsidiary logos yet to be created.  We also designed a full icon library to be used on all digital products moving forward. 

The site included UX and UI considerations for multiple tool tips, alerts, notifications, authentication scenarios, and back-end short cuts on ordering preferences. 

Hill's Retail Order - Landing page.jpg
4.4.0.M_HRO_Authenticated Landing Page.jpg
1.0.0.M_HRO_Products_All Products_List v2 expanded.jpg
1.0.0.D_HRO_Products_All Products_List_w_Sample.jpg
1.0.2.D_HRO_Products_All Products_List v2.jpg
1.0.2.M_HRO_Products_All Products_List v2.jpg
Hill's Quick Recommendation

The Quick Reco tool involved the conception and creation of a digital interactive experience that would allow vets and other consumers to quickly assess the nutrition needs of their dog or cat. 

3.1.0 - Patient Profile - Open Weight Schedule.jpg

When I left the project to move to Portland, we had created multiple robust B-to-B and B-to-C shopping experiences. These platforms, tools, and interactive info-graphics were so successful that they are still in use today. 

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