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My Role: 



Creative Director, Lead Designer, Design Strategy, UX design, Storytelling. 

Abstract, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Principle, Keynote. 

6 months

Why Me?

Honeywell Home was breaking away from the Honeywell brand and becoming Resideo. I was asked to lead the design team from the beginning of our relationship. Honeywell Home had a new name but needed, a new brand, new consumer facing website, new professional facing site, and a design system to keep everything organized and connected. They asked me to help because of my experience with Navistar, State Street Global Advisors, and H&R Block, where I proved I could manage difficult clients, with a large work load, and fast turn-around times.


I helped to lead a collaborative workshop with the client to ideate, define, and align on Resideo’s overarching “Solutions Selling Story” approach. This involved a series of hands-on activities that considered business goals, targeted customer needs, product category themes and nuances, and Pro up-selling/cross-selling opportunities.

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Using the information we gleaned from the workshop, I built a creative brief Keynote presentation to download our Copywriters, Art Directors and User Experience teams. 

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I helped to create a Brand House to establish a strong mission statement, supported by the pillars of our core values. This acted as a guiding light for our design decisions. But it also served the client's needs as a filter for every single piece of communication in their advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, employee relations, and investor outreach.

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For this large, multi-armed undertaking I had to organize several simultaneous work streams. The consumer-facing site, professional site, and design system were all progressing in parallel. We utilized two-week, staggered, agile sprints, where the UX teams laid out wire frames and the creatives did a fast-follow. We curated the design system library as we worked and handed off to a third-party development team once we had approval from the client. The common phrase we used to describe this process was "building the plane while flying it". We managed the multiple work streams with daily scrums, strong work ethics, and good communication.

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We built our design system and symbol library using an atomic design flow and consistent naming conventions, within Abstract, Sketch, and Invision. This was important for an efficient use of time and to spare confusion between the 16 different designers we had touching this project.

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I was also instrumental in planning and executing a large photoshoot. We covered over 1,000 products that included lifestyle images, 360˚ rotations, and post-production work. 

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When our involvement with the project came to an end we had delivered two mobile friendly sites, brand guidelines, photo assets, an icon library, animated tutorials, and an easy to use design management system that Resideo could take in-house and use to help guide their growth and development into the foreseeable future. 

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